Chris Clark

Chris is brother to Pastor Clark, and eldest grandson to the former Pastor Edwards. He is a very able minister of the word and teaches weekly here at the church.  He is an anointed preacher of the word, a musician, and singer.  The Lord uses him mightily to bring forth the word of truth. He is married to Genelle, and they have three children Brayden, Brianna, and Josiah.  We are blessed to have them as part of our church ministry.

                                    Frank Sextro

​Brother Frank is a part of the Sunshine Cathedral fellowship in Valrico.  He ministers the word there and comes over to fellowship with us as well here in Bartow.  We are happy to have him in our services as well as the other saints who come over from Sunshine to worship with us.  Brother Frank is an able minister of the word, and is anointed in the gift of prophecy, dreams, and visions. He loves the move of the Spirit and is a blessing to the body of Christ.

                           Pastor Matt Clark

Pastor Clark has been Senior Pastor at Blessed Assurance Temple for the last eight years.  He is the grandson of Pastor Preston Edwards who was the founder of the church, andPastor for fourty years.  Pastor Clark is married to his wife Heather of 15 years, they have two children Audrey and Matthew.  He traveled as a full time Evangelist for nine years before coming to Pastor full time.  Pastor Clark grew up in this church and is proud to serve today as Pastor.

       Children's Ministry

Heather Clark

Genelle Clark