‚Äč                                                            What We Believe

Below are listed some established truth's that we specifically have built on as a foundation.  It should be known to all that we do not limit our knowledge of God to a systematic set of by-laws or rules, we believe in a continuous unveiling of Christ, and that in that unveiling many more clarifications of truth are sure to be discovered.  We do however feel that all must know the foundational and scriptural doctrine of what they believe therefore we specifically list the below statements of faith.  We encourage that all people do their own studying to know what they believe.  For too long people have been dictated to, rather than having their own personal revelation.  Many simply get born again and take on whatever denominational form they were born in.  We believe in taking on only one form, and that is the Lord Jesus Christ.  Having said that we affirm and testify to the truth's written below with the open mind that we are coming to the FULL KNOWLEDGE OF HIM!  

 -  We believe that the Bible is the inspired word of God,  written by holy men of old as they were moved upon by the Holy Ghost.  We believe the Holy Ghost gives continual revelation unfolding it's truths daily.  We believe the knowledge of the word,  to be a constant growing knowledge until we all come into the fullness of Christ.  We adhere to the Apostle Paul's command as written in Hebrews 6:1 "Therefore leaving the principles of the doctrine of Christ, LET US GO ON UNTO PERFECTION..."  We believe that all believers should study the word of God with an open mind and heart to the Spirit's leading.  We choose to allow God to reveal his word to us rather than a man made system of rules and by-laws.  The Bible is the acid test of all belief standard.  If it is not found in the Bible then we cannot make it part of our belief system.  Likewise what we find in the word to be truth we cannot and will not deny.    

 -  We believe that Jesus Christ is the living WORD.  That he according to John 1:14 is "THE WORD MADE FLESH".  We believe he is and was FULLY God,  and FULLY man.  He is both LORD and CHRIST.   He is the God seed who was imparted into the virgin Mary,  and birthed into this earth as the Savior of Mankind.  We believe the whole purpose of his ministry on earth was the RECONCILIATION of mankind,  back into his ORIGINAL state before the fall of man.  He was crucified, buried, rose the third day,  and ascended on high.  He is Melchizedek, our Great High Priest,  and we are destined to reign as "kings and Priests" under the Melchizedek order.  There is no God beside him,  and he is the WAY, TRUTH AND LIFE.  He is  God manifest in the flesh.  God is a Spirit, he is one and there is no other.  He who is Spirit took on a form and body, he became a son, and that son had a name, the name of Jesus.  The name of Jesus is the ONLY name wherein is found salvation, there is no other name given.  That name was released in this earth upon one man, until the death, burial, and resurrection in which the name came by right of inheritance upon the sons of God.  God is everlasting, eternal, and creator.  He appeared in the beginning of old and has always appeared unto his people.  We acknowledge that God is the everlasting Father, and at the same time he is son, saviour, and Lord (Isaiah 9 ).  

 - We believe in the Holy Ghost, that he is one in the self same person of Jesus Christ, the Holy Ghost is the resurrected Spirit of Jesus.  Jesus ascending into heaven and being glorified has returned to this earth in the form of his Holy Ghost to indwell the believer.  He has taken up his abode (mansion Jn.14) in the hearts of his people and ever liveth on the inside to bring forth his image and likeness, we are being changed from glory to glory (II Cor. 3:18).      

 - We believe "all have sinned and come short of the glory of God" therefore all are in need of a savior.  We believe in the shed blood of Christ as the FULL ATONEMENT for all sin.  We believe in the entirety of his atoning work including full deliverance from sin, sickness, disease, and death.  We believe that all were chosen in Christ before the foundations of the world (Eph.1) and that when we are born into this earthly realm we are born into a carnal state sold under sin.  We are born in a flesh body and the only thing flesh can reap is corruption.  We are born after the first Adam who is a living soul. Man has to be redeemed from this fallen state and come to the full knowledge of his rightful identity. Jesus is the lamb that came to take away the sin of the world (John 1).  His atoning death appropriated the finished work in this earth and forever put away (abolished ) all sin.  We do not work for, earn, or deserve his atonement we RECEIVE it strictly BY FAITH. 

 - We believe every man born into this world has a seed of God's life hidden within.  Since he is in a state of death until revived the knowledge of this life lies dormant.  For this cause we believe in the NEW BIRTH or the BORN AGAIN experience.  No man can enter the kingdom without being born again and no man can authorize such a work of God.  The new birth occurs ONLY by the work of the Holy Ghost as he resurrects the life of God within each person causing the seed to come forth within our hearts and work it's way out through our whole being.  Being Born Again is a ONE TIME experience once you are, YOU ARE! It cannot be done over, one cannot be "re-born again."  A spirit that is born again is absolutely perfect instantly and needs no improvement.  The improvement needed is in the soul and body realm, both have to be married and re-united to the Spirit.  Therefore we believe that salvation is a PROGRESSIVE work of the Spirit.  Our spirit IS saved, our soul is BEING saved, and our body SHALL BE saved.  We believe in the full ministry of reconciliation.   We are not half way or partially, but totally and completely restored to what and who we were in Him.  We believe that we WERE in him, and through his death we have been fully reconciled back into him.  God has given to US the MINISTRY of reconciliation, therefore we impute no man's iniquity, we pass no judgement, we minister no condemnation we forgive all, and we love all totally unconditionally.    One who is born of God will have a change of life.  This is do to the fact that a new nature takes over and we live out of that higher realm of life.  There will be evidences and manifestations of the Christ within.  We believe in the grace of God that TEACHES us how to live the overcoming life.  Our liberty is not for a license to get loose in our lifestyle we do not get born again to move further away, but rather to draw closer to that realm that will change us outwardly into what we are inwardly.  Consider this Passage:Titus 2:11-14 "For the GRACE of God that bringeth salvation hath appeared to all men, TEACHING us that, DENYING ungodliness and worldly lusts, we should live soberly, righteously, and godly, IN THIS PRESENT WORLD; looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ; Who gave himself for us that he might redeem us FROM all iniquity, and purify unto himself a peculiar people, zealous of good works."    

 -  We believe that all believers should follow their born again new life experience with water baptism. We believe in baptism as full immersion in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.  We believe in the apostolic method and work of death, burial, and resurrection as given in Acts 2:38.  "Repent (death) and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for remission of sins (burial) and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost (resurrection.)" We believe that through this act faith and obedience to the word of God the water applied becomes the seal of the circumcision of the heart.  It outwardly proclaims that a new life has begun and the old has been eternally buried.  In taking on his name through baptism we affirm to every witness that we have been born into the family of God, that family and that God has but one name and that name is Lord Jesus Christ.  This is the complete formula given throughout the book of Acts in the establishment of the church in the earth.  All new converts were baptized in the name, and were further exhorted into the Holy Ghost Baptism by the laying on of hands. (Mk. 16:16, Acts 2:38,41, 8:12-13,16-38, 9:18, 10:48, 16:15,33, 18:8,19:3-5, 22:16,  Rom. 6:1-14, Col. 2:11-12)    

 - We believe in the operation, ministry, baptism, and manifestation of the Holy Ghost.  We believe that one has the Holy Ghost within and should believe for the fullness, or baptism wherein the Holy Ghost completely flows in and through the believer. The initial evidence of that overflow is the evidence of speaking in tongues.  We believe in tongues in the home and in the church.  We believe in praying, singing, and worshiping in other tongues as well as messages given in other tongues whereby the church through interpretation is exhorted further into the plan and will of God. We believe that believers can be filled with the Holy Ghost under many conditions and environments, it is the Lord Jesus who fills.  One biblical way of receiving this experience indefinitely is the laying on of hands.  We believe that the Holy Spirit of God has free reign of ALL public meetings.  He may do whatsoever he wills in any service.  For this cause, we have no previous planned agendas, we pray and seek the Lord for his guidance and then worship him corporately until he moves in his own way, WE TRUST THE HOLY GHOST!  We believe in Holy Ghost ministry and full operation of the gifts and fruit of the Spirit.  We believe that all gifts are to be at operation in some point within every local assembly, and that ALL who have the Holy Ghost may operate in the Gifts.    

 -  We believe in divine healing as paid for in the atonement.  God wills for no man to be diseased or afflicted and we have all power and authority over such through the name of Jesus.  We believe in the laying on of hands for healing, as well as being healed through the word (spoken or read) for he sent his word and healed them.  We believe that miracles happen through the power of God as appropriated by faith.  All should seek to be healed, and on a higher note to walk in complete and total health manifested by the life of God within.  Laying on of hands is not superficial or surface it is a doctrine of the new testament church and it is commissioned by the Holy Ghost, IT WORKS!    

 - We believe in the principal of the local Church.  That all believers should assemble together REGULARLY to worship the Lord corporately.  We believe the church is THE body of Christ and that he has no other.  We believe the ministry to not be some corporation governed by one man, but the ministry flows through the ENTIRE body.  We believe in the full operation of the five ministry gifts given in Ephesians 4:11.  We believe we need the church because we are BEING perfected to become "HIM" and the full revelation will be revealed among the corporate body of Christ.  There is an erroneous teaching that one does not need to worship at a local assembly, we do not in any way hold to that belief.  We admonish ALL believers to regularly worship with an assembly of believers of LIKE FAITH so that the full truth may be revealed in this last day.  We believe that the manifestation of the sons of God will come through the BODY and not through the individual who thinks he is above the body.  We learn together, we grow together, and we are changed together!    

 -  We believe in a lifestyle praise and worship, as well as in our public meetings.  We believe in worshiping the Lord with song and music, raising of hands, and dancing before the Lord.  We believe the highest weapons to win any battle is to sing, dance, and praise the Lord.  We do these things in English with phrases we know, but we also do it in tongues lifting ourselves higher and higher into the heavenly realm.  We believe as well in the song of the Lord.  We sing choruses and songs we have learned over the years but we also get in the Spirit and allow new songs to be birthed in us.  We do this as well both publicly and privately, these are marks of a spirit fulled life.       

 - We believe and teach that the kingdom of God is here right now within God's people in the earth.  We believe the terms "kingdom of heaven" and "kingdom of God" refer to the same one thing.  "Kingdom of heaven" refers to the realm in which it operates, and "kingdom of God" to the one from which it flows.  We do not believe either term to refer to a particular nation, nor do we believe that God has separate plans for Israel than for the church.  We believe all are one in Christ Jesus, there is neither Jew nor Greek, there are no prejudices in the kingdom (Gal. 3:28, Col. 3:11).  We believe that being we are the "seed of Abraham" meaning we inherit the earth, we are the "seed of David" inheriting the throne, and we are the "seed of Christ" inheriting the kingdom.  We believe the earth is eternal and will never pass away.  God's plans and purposes are all to be carried out in this earth, it is here he has planted a people to reproduce the Christ life until the whole earth is filled with the Kingdom of God.  We believe the only gospel is the Gospel of the KINGDOM (Matt. 24:14) and that until the kingdom gospel is preached in every nationt the end of this age cannot come.       We believe in the overcoming life, and the blessed hope being "Christ in you the hope of Glory."  Our hope is not to escape but to overcome.  We believe that we shall put the last enemy underfoot (death) and that someone will completely overcome death while living in and on this earth.  They will be changed and mortality will be swallowed up of life (II Cor. 5).  We believe in the catching up of the saints into the a spiritual environment or atmosphere of God's highest order.  This is not the flying away of a physical body, but a spiritual lifting up into the heaven-lies even while in the earth.   We have testimony of men who were caught up as in I Thess. 4 while still in the body (Rev. 4:1, II Cor 12:1-10, Acts 8:26-40).    We believe in the coming of the Lord.  We believe that he Has come, he IS come, and he SHALL come.  We do not however use the term "second" coming because it is not scriptural.  The only close reference is Hebrews 9:28 where the term is not "come" but "appear" and if carefully studied refers to Jesus appearing after offering his atoning blood as our great high priest without sin (this was always done on the O.T. day of atonement by the high priest as well.)  We believe he has come ever since the beginning of creation, and that he has come in many forms and ways ever since.  We believe that even now he comes continually, revealing himself to us all the time.   We also believe that there are future comings in which the Lord will come to be glorified in his saints and reveal himself to the world.